About Turkmen-American Scholars Association


The Turkmen-American Scholars Association is a non-profit organization established in 2008, with a unique goal of promoting the advancement of science, technology and education in Turkmenistan. We have realized that an essential mission towards helping the success of the Turkmen science and education is creating a unifying platform of mutual support and collaboration for the Turkmen students and scholars of science. Although initially starting with modest efforts of a handful of volunteers, Turkmen students and scholars from around the world as well as high government officials have shown a great support for our mission, which is a testament to the common realization of importance of this mission. We have a sincere belief that our modest efforts carried out through limited funds are planting the seeds of an avalanche that this mission will grow to be.


The association is entirely a volunteer-based organization, where all activities are coordinated by extracurricular efforts of our volunteers mostly from around the United States, as well as from Europe and Turkmenistan. We do not have an external source of funding, and all of our activities are funded by generous individual contributions of our volunteers as well as through other donations.


Presently, the association sponsors annual symposiums where Turkmen scholars and students around the world come together in an inspiring environment. This symposium series serves several important goals towards our mission: Creating a ground for the Turkmen students and scholars to meet each other and form bonds of friendship, support and collaboration Creating a ground for the government officials to meet young Turkmen students and scientists Educating the public about achievements of successful Turkmen youngsters as a source of inspiration and encouragement Encouraging new ideas and ventures towards advancement of the Turkmen science and education; and rewarding the successful ones.
We believe that this organization and its symposium series, which are the first of their kind since the formation of independent Turkmenistan, will play an important role in the future advancement of science and technology in Turkmenistan.